Numerology is very easy

The Numerology is very old since it was already known to the Greeks and the Babylonians.

It must be said that the Science of numbers and numerology seem to have much tried men (the famous philosopher Pythagoras is an example).

Pythagoras was fascinated by the stars,
The music of the spheres » and the relationships between the numbers, it is regarded as one of the founders of the numerology.

Pythagoras, 580-500 av. JC, is probably more known for his theorem on the sides of the triangle rectangle yet this theorem represents only a small part of the considerable number of work that he continued his whole life whose numerology.

Later, philosophers such as Plato (428-348 BC) and Aristotle (384-322 av. J. -c. ) these struggles continued its work, including those who were the numerology .

On this site you will learn how quickly and easily the bases of the numerology.
The meaning of the numbers and numerology is divided into 5 groups:

Grown NumberThe number of evolution, is derived from your first name or nickname his usual, this number has just strengthen your personality.

Heredity NumberThe number of heredity, is derived from your name, in which he must add your mother’s maiden name.

Luck NumberThe numbers of chance are calculated from your first and last name as well as with the family names of your father and your mother.

 Destiny Number the number of destiny or path of life, is derived from your date of birth, this number is extremely important. Your date of birth shows you the best path or direction to follow in life.

Personality NumberThe number of personality is calculated by summing the usual forename + the name of the family. The true personality of each is a sum of elements: hereditary trends, conditions of education, random encounters, evolution of the character-type and the development of core capabilities.