Destiny Number Five

25Destiny Number Five

Destiny Number Five

The destiny number 5 is a path often perilous and dangerous, on which one cannot succeed brilliantly with a health of iron, the sense of adventure and a lot of rigor.

The destiny number 5 does not tolerate the approximation, neither the pettiness, neither the mediocrity. The number of destiny 5 implies to be very rigorous and righteous.

The one who will follow this path may suffer much if he has not the hardened and the necessary energy.
By contrast, it has the chance to know hours exhilarating and exciting.

The destiny number 5 is related to the physical sensations: sensuality, sportiness, with a huge desire « to pay of the person » ; but it also involves risks of serious accident or illness.

To follow this path, it must be well prepared and practice a hygiene of life very serious and especially well-balanced.