Growth Number Five

Growth Number Five

Growth Number Five

The Number Growth 5 is that of the movement, of the mobility.

The Number Growth 5 is therefore called to travel, to change country, to change of work or of ambient medium to one or several moments of his life.

The Number Growth 5 is curious by nature, he loved the experience and is interested in what’s new. It is also attracted by the major human causes, national or international.

The 5 usually has a calm demeanor and reserve. It has the blood- cold and of the intuition, it is probe and law and do not like the compromise, it is even often partisan and sometimes very shy, which makes it often has as much difficulty to penetrate in a society that to detach. That, moreover, is why he is called to change society several times in his life: he knows not observe from afar, he must « pay of the person » the satisfaction of his curiosity, by adapting to a more or less long period, to the environment that the person concerned.

Despite its appearance cold and reserved, the 5 knows generally attract sympathy. It is gifted for the comedy and attracted by the world of the spectacle.