Growth Number Four

Growth Number Four

Growth Number Four

The Number Growth 4 is that of the organization (square = 4 right angles and 4 sides), of the seat squab.

The Number Growth 4 knows therefore undertake, organize more than order and direct.

The Number Growth 4 has a very high power work; it can be striven tirelessly until the final fulfilment of its purpose. Its relentlessness may sometimes even be embarrassing.

The 4 is generally well appreciated by its leaders and its employers. He does not like the disorder.

The 4 is a good and loyal second which seldom seeks the positions of great responsibility, and still less to snatch the other first places.

In general, the 4 knows combine the flexibility to the caution.

If the 4 seemed sometimes too routine, and even manic, he must be put to its active his acute sense of justice and his love of the family well balanced, and respectable.