Growth Number Height

Growth Number Height

Growth Number Height

The Number Growth 8 is the number of the commandment, of the stubbornness.

The Number Growth 8 likes order, direct, lead men. He knows how to make love and estimate.
If it is not infringed upon, it may reach a situation very high in relation to those which it is derived from. It is capable of providing a hard work and painful to achieve.

The Number Growth 8 is constantly in search of what can the raise on the social scale; this is a good ambitious who can suffer, on occasion, to the panic of losing what he has already acquired.

The 8 is a man (or woman) of action. It is generally rude and cunning, but he is also caring and affectionate.

The 8 liked to discuss, take risks. It sometimes conceals his emotion and his affection behind a facade harsh or mocking, because he knows how to manipulate the taunt.

It should especially be wary of decisions taken without reflection since it is impulsive and willingly follows his first movement.

He can also be selfish and egocentric and se shows easily stubborn.