Growth Number Nine

Growth Number Nine

Growth Number Nine

The Number Growth 9 is the number of the idealism.

The Number Growth 9 is altruistic; it has the particularity to vibrate intensely for everything that relates to the peace and harmony in the world. He likes the order before any thing.

The Number Growth 9 is, in general, sympathetic and attractive. He knows how to get estimate and it is capable of lifting of the mountains for a cause which the key. By against, it falls easily into the melancholy and fatalism.

The Number Growth 9 would like to see everyone happy. He wants peace on Earth and suffers greatly from encounter situations dodgy or not very clear, that he does not want to understand. It starts very easily on its defensive.

Affectionate, the Number Growth 9 is very emotional, sensitive and sentimental, but it is also often timid.
He knows to behave well in public, and could succeed perfectly in a business requiring a contact with the people. But this ask him sometimes a huge effort because he feared a lot to disclose to the public. There are reaches more easily when he does so, not more for him, but for a business, a third person or a great cause.

Although curious naturally, the Number Growth 9 is leaking the gossip and gossip. It is a friend sure, capable of devote himself body and soul to a friend or a noble cause.

The Number Growth 9 is a hard worker and regular. He moves slowly, with order and with power.
Sensual, he loves the good dear.