Growth Number Seven

Growth Number Seven

Growth Number Seven

The Number Growth 7 is the number of the mystery and the wisdom.

The Number Growth 7 has an open mind; he is attracted by what is unexplained or inexplicable. It is specially gifted to understand the other; it is good psychologist and good advisor.

The Number Growth 7 is particularly patient; he is provided with a spirit of analysis and a sense of observation very acute.

But the 7 is sometimes contains, solitaire, melancholic. This is the has its concentration of mind that crystallizes on a thought, a study, a research while making him completely forget the outside world.

The 7 can be attracted by a religion, by the occult or by a noble form of poetry; but it often lack practical sense.

The 7 has often the chivalry.

It is also a hard worker who knows what he wants and who is capable of all efforts to achieve this.