Growth Number Six

Growth Number Six

Growth Number Six

The Number Growth 6 is that of the family reunited and happy.

The Number Growth 6 is therefore conditioned by the research of a certain family harmony, or its opposite if there is discharge, in which case it can to confine itself to an ivory tower.

In general the Number Growth 6 is intelligent; it includes quickly and easily adapts to the environment.

The 6 often has a bottom sentimental and romantic that it can hide behind a big gruff appearance, snob, ironic, see comic. Similarly, he knows vibrate deeply and intensely, while maintaining a large self-control.

But when the 6 is forced to turn away too long its sensitivity, there is a risk that it will not become truly insensitive, little emotional, and that his « facade » becomes his true face.

In addition to that of the family, the 6 has generally, a highly developed sense of friendship and camaraderie.