Growth Number Two

Growth Number Two

Growth Number Two

The Number Growth 2 is predestined to have contacts with the other human ones.

Sensitive, emotive, the Number Growth 2 cannot remain impassive in front of the misfortune of the others and the human distress. It has the taste of” social” and badly supports to see the suffering of the others.

With glory, with the personal triumph, the Number Growth 2 prefers quiet but effective work for the wellbeing of the others.

The 2 is liked young people, the unfortunate ones, the unhappy ones who can feel in him, sometimes through an appearance of coldness, all the sensitivity and the emotivity which mark this number.

The 2 must be wary to fall into the sentimentality which would prevent it from acting.

In general, the 2 can remain calm; it is lenient and generous, sometimes hypocritical and often taquin. It is also heading, can undertake with obstinacy and thus succeeds in most of the time concluding its companies.

Regarded sometimes as” odd” because of the complexity of its impassioned temperament, capable of all the excesses, but in calm apparent, the 2 seldom knows a banal life, unless it is never possible for him to express all its many resources.

The 2 is protected sometimes by adopting an attitude from mocking remark, of mockery, but more cordial than malicious.