Personality Number Four

Personality Number Four

Personality Number Four

The Personality Number 4 is the symbol of justice, the balance and security.

Saturn is its corresponding planet.

The Personality Number 4 is an ardent worker, studious and worthy of confidence. It is rarely a creator, but rather an adapter, an organizer, a manufacturer who knows take advantage of opportunities that pass to its scope.
He launches into a company that after well weighs the for and the against, having studied all the possibilities and thoroughly prepared a work plan.
Only then it starts with daring and unflinching courage.

The Number Personality 4 liked the money, but especially for its security more than for its pleasures.

The Number Personality 4 cannot withstand the injustice and it is often placed at the head of the movements of revolt against the abuse of power.

The Number Personality 4 liked the quiet, tranquillity, the discretion.
It seldom has the sense of humor.
It doesn’t have a lot of friends but these are faithful all their lives, because the 4 is himself faithful, loyal and hate gossip.

There is a lack of tact but he is honest and direct, right and honest. Sometimes, the 4 can go to the franchise to the rudeness, when it is pushed to end, which is rare.

The 4 is a stubbornness extraordinary; it is capable of moving mountains to get what he wants.

The 4 has a great need of work; it is generally conservative and respectful of ancestral traditions.

The Personality Number 4 does not fall easily lovers. He considers marriage as a business which requires reflection.
There is little inclined to emotional demonstrations.

The Personality Number 4 has an exceptional faculty of concentration and it is very meticulous.
He therefore succeed in careers such as those of: pharmacist, mathematician, engineer, chemist, magistrate, lawyer, etc. …

The 4 has the chance to succeed in the maritime trade.
The 4 knows to be an exemplary employee and serious who regularly climb the occupational ladder.
By contrast, as employer, it is often tyrannical and always find that its employees are not doing enough, so it is itself ardent to the task.

The 4 supports very poorly the errors and carelessness.

The number 4 personality is thrifty and prudent. He knows save and especially take advantage of good opportunities that pass to its scope.

Its characteristic is especially to obtain the maximum of each Euro that he spent.