Personality Number Height

Personality Number Height

Personality Number Height

The Personality Number 8 is the number of power, strength and success.

March is the corresponding planet.

The Personality Number 8 has a very great power of self-control and concentration.
He has a strong personality and a great desire.
It is willingly fervent, even fanatic. He has a horror of mediocrity, stinginess, which can lead to the success the most fabulous as to the most abject failure.

The Personality Number 8 is hard and little clement, both toward himself and toward the other.
It is entirely dedicated to one cause or an idea and willingly believes that the other are like him.

Often the Personality Number 8 appears remote and cold; in fact, he knows evil express its feelings because, in reality, it is very warm.

The Personality Number 8 hope much conquer the friendship of the other but knows too little out of its reserve.

The Personality Number 8 is active and energetic; it is always ready to participate in the research in all areas.

The Personality Number 8 reached a strange magnetism and particular likely to attract and fascinate; yet, it is often isolated because it is absorbed by its purpose and its work.
In addition, it is rude and closed to the people who do the not interested. By against, it is ready to go in four for its real friends and the works which are interested.

The number 8 personality is loyal, but very vindictive and he knows combat until the end its opponents and obstacles.

The Number Personality 8 may know a great love to condition to be very well understood and that his character is fully accepted.

In effect, the personality number 8 can love to the madness a day, fill of gifts, thoughtfulness and affection and, the next day, show totally absent, absorbed by thoughts creative or highly spiritual.
He did not like less for as much, but it is a trait of his character to which it must become accustomed.

The Personality Number 8 has a large force of self-discipline and concentration.
Often he has dramatic successes. He knows find and original ideas for the run.
It may be prodigious in the well as in evil.

As an employee, the personality Number 8 is efficient and fast, but it suffers from not being able to put its creative ideas and inventions in application.

As the employer, the personality Number 8 requires as much work and application of its employees that it requires of itself.

The Personality Number 8 has a particular flair in financial investments.

He is not stingy and contributed widely to the works of charity, but he refuses the reckless spending or that are not assigned to positive targets.

It is generally good investments and has the nerves of steel of professional players.

The Personality Number 8 knows spend what it must be for his family.