Personality Number Nine

Personality Number Nine

Personality Number Nine

The Personality Number 9 is the number of the altruism, the nobility and the mysticism.

Neptune is its corresponding planet.

The Personality Number 9 is sensitive, especially to the needs of others, of those who are suffering: the victims, the oppressed, the sick, the disadvantaged.
It is also so impassioned by the fight against the misery that he could forget his own family.

By contrast, the personality Number 9 seeks less to solve the major problems which the passionate about by the intense action that by the philosophical research or the power psychic or occult.

The Number Personality 9 do research power and money that to better assist the other.

The number 9 personality is strong, courageous, determined, but he rarely used his qualities. Its purpose, in life, is universal love.

The Personality Number 9 knows how to make love many people, but he is also hated by others, because of its lively character and prevailed.
He is passionate about especially, and deeply, for the great debates.

The Personality Number 9 is generally reserved, remote and independent, which does not facilitate its reports with his entourage.
In addition it is often really incites; a day very cheerful and enthusiastic, the next day sad and morose.
However, it never loses sight of its humanitarian purpose.

The Personality Number 9 is always loyal and faithful because he considers marriage as sacred.
Yet, there is rarely a perfect husband preferring devote its time and efforts to the humanitarian goals rather than to his own family.

The Personality Number 9 is not very sentimental or romantic. He can be loving, but in small doses. Yet, he needs to feel loved.

The Personality Number 9 need to help the other: religion, medicine, social assistance, humanitarian works, etc.

The Personality Number 9 is reserved, but can succeed before a public if it has something exciting to express (policy, theater, etc. ), the 9 is often interested in the occult, and the philosophy.

The Personality Number 9 has little chance of success in the trade and the industry (sales, advertising, accounting, etc. ).

The Number Personality 9 liked the right; it may be a good lawyer or legal adviser.

The 9 cannot work with efficiency that if he really believes in what he is doing.

The Number Personality 9 seldom knows a big financial success, otherwise than by the chance. In addition, it is very generous and is running into debt easily.
He therefore has an interest to monitor its finances or to entrust them to someone competent.