Personality Number One

Personality Number One

Personality Number One

The Personality Number 1 is a number, representing the basis of life. prime number, it is identified in the sun, the source of all energy.

The Personality Number 1 is typically a creator, a pioneer, innovator. Inspired, determined, independent, it has a tendency to remove a certain pride for the results it achieves.
The Number Personality 1 is do to order, organize, but often with blinders, without taking account of the circumstances.

A person whose personality Number 1 is often stubborn and bute, which makes it difficult to advise him or to move toward a better path.
The Number Personality 1 does not admit to be disturbed in its projects because he wants to achieve his goal at any price because of his pride.

The Number Personality 1 is domineering, sometimes tyrannical and selfish; yet its nature is generous and it can be very good when he is not upset.

The Number Personality 1 fate of common. It abominate easily the environment in which he lives or works. It is indeed very worker and energetic, sometimes brutal and explosive. It is done more of admirers, of friends, and he feels lively of a very great power « negative » against which makes him evil voluntarily or unfair toward him: he forgives hardly.

In fact, the number Personality 1 combines the energy to a large sensitivity. It is forged a facade harsh and sometimes brutal to hide the sensitivity of its temperament. When it comes to cross this battleship (which asks him a considerable effort, but can be obtained easily by those who him open the arm and show him a real affection) it is then a friend warm. Otherwise, it can do much suffer while suffering itself of not being able to « communicate ».

The Number Personality 1 chooses his friends, and he chooses from among those it can dominate. In Love, it can be very warm but also jealous and possessive.

The Number Personality 1 may be termed fast and effective. It is attracted to the arts but more as an organizer that as running. It needs to order, directing. Of quick understanding, it can move toward scientific careers: researcher, engineer, inventor.

The Number Personality 1 has all the chances of success in the business: we can trust him and give him a post of responsibility, provided, however, that it can dominate its ambitions large. It may not be hear with his colleagues or the heads who do not know the understanding, because it is little diplomat with his superiors and his equals, whereas there may be patient with an apprentice to train or with someone who is allowing easily dominate.

The 1 is « all of a piece », it does not know the half-measures and can easily earn a fortune and the losing as easily. This several times in his life. He has enormous opportunities in the course of his life, but the striker sometimes by the inflexibility of his character.