Personality Number Seven

Personality Number Seven

Personality Number Seven

The number 7 personality is that of a perpetual quest of the intellect and of the philosophy.

Its corresponding planet is Uranus.

The number 7 personality is a thinker and an analyst, independent, often worried. It is especially very curious and in all areas, does not hesitate to pay for his person to satisfy his curiosity.

He likes to travel, discover, know, and yet he also loves often loneliness; he must go spare regularly of time of isolation. It is generally an introvert and studious, sensitive to the arts and to the beauty.

The Number Personality 7 accepted hardly the opinions and judgments of others.
He wants to see everything and understand everything by himself. He is perfectionist and does quite poorly to find satisfied, both of what he’s doing that to what the others are doing.

The number 7 personality lives easily solitaire and reserve; it is little book, it is often timid; it is done little friends but then it is loyal, patient and generous to them.
Anyway, he prefers smaller groups to « bands of cronies ».

The number 7 personality is sometimes fervent of the occult, either by curiosity, either by thirst of spiritualism.

The Personality Number 7 se marie often young or not at all.
He is, in effect, more and more difficult, as they get older, to express his feelings and his emotions. It is especially more « friendly » and « environmentally friendly » that affectionate.

In any event, it is uncommunicative and effusive, and it is more attracted by the intellectual research and philosophical that by the conduct of a marital bliss.

The Personality Number 7 likes to feel superior to the other, while remaining isolated.
It will be a good artist or a good craftsman: writer, sculptor, etc. He loves the atmosphere of the museums and galleries. It may also be attracted by the education, science and religion.

Some numbers 7 personalities are attracted by the sea or they find the conjugation of their taste for the insulation and in travel.

The Number Personality 7 may succeed in business by his ideas, but he feared the routine work.

The Personality Number 7 is conscientious and worker, more it is regular in his work and does not know of mood swings distracting.

Yet, it may very well change abruptly of employment or of friends without any explanation.

In general, the personality Number 7 is not particularly attracted by the money.
It prudently managed and with economy its budget, but in venturing sometimes, on a whim, to « make a madness ».