Personality Number Six

Personality Number Six

Personality Number Six

The Personality Number 6 is a symbol of beauty, harmony and rhythm.

Venus, planet women, is the planet of 6.

The Personality Number 6 is generally faithful in his friendships and worthy of confidence. It is noble and lovers of beauty in all areas.
It is human – but especially in the direction of the family -.

The Number Personality 6 has sometimes tend to « do too much » and not to recognize the limits that must not go.

The Personality Number 6 is usually of appearance calm. He is charming and easily attracts many friends.
Yet, the personality Number 6 is unstable in its behavior and it can go for the more softness to the greater anger because of his hypersensitivity.
It is also love of beautiful things, including music.

The 6 very much like receiving friends and think long in advance to the friendly meetings to well organize and enjoy.

The 6 is generous and spontaneous; it can be easily fall prey to unscrupulous people.

The Number Personality 6 drops easily lovers in his teens.
His love may be of short duration but then he is very deep and intense.
It even manages to find the damn about love when it is feared to be smothered by an excess of tenderness and affection unstated reasons.

The number 6 personality is a creator, but he will have difficulty to express his literary gifts, graphics or plastic if it is too « stifled » by his family.

The 6 is not too ambitious, and, if it is successful in life, it must generally to those who help by love or friendship.

The humanitarian sense of 6 May the push toward careers of teaching, medicine, social assistance.
It can also succeed as an accountant, cashier, banker, etc. as well as in all positions of trust.

The number 6 Personality rather liked the professions requiring human contacts. II also loves the painstaking work and precise.

The Personality Number 6 is not very ambitious, he loves his comfort and the preferred to the perpetual race in before.
In general he is a good manager, for his money as for that of the other.

If the number 6 personality is generous, it remains cautious in its financial expenditures and sought before any security.