Personality Number Two

Personality Number Two

Personality Number Two

The Personality Number 2 is the number of the balance, the weighting, the diplomacy and friendliness. Under the domination of the Moon, it is in constant change, but with a certain consistency.

The Personality Number 2 is very diplomat. He second more that it does not control and prefers the success more laborious than the risk and adventure.

The Personality Number 2 is usually quiet and reserved, taking its decisions calmly after much thought.

The Personality Number 2 need a harmonious atmosphere, without quarrels or disputes he has thus sometimes an unfortunate tendency to hide from the discomforts of life not to see. He is afraid too the difficulties and can, in a mid disharmonieux, sink into the depression.

The Personality Number 2 is more often dominated by emotion than by the intellect. Under an appearance of calm, it is often tense and lives in fear of see his entourage is unbalancing.

The Personality number 2 can go, sometimes, easily the laugh to tears. It is easily shot down. There is a lot of friends because he knows how to listen, help, understanding and comfort.
The Personality Number 2 is occupied, is interested often works in humanitarian and charitable.

The Personality Number 2 is not vindictive and will rarely angry; on the contrary, in the event of a crisis, it folds in on itself.

The number 2 personality is a spouse perfect, warm, loving, having especially the desire to make his last union, left to go on number of annoyances.
Easily romanesque and hypersensitive, the 2 needs a (or a) partner who knows the him back to reality.

The Personality Number 2 is naive in love as in friendship. It easily believes the oaths which him are facts, without seeking to the check.

The number 2 personality is imaginative and is a subordinate cooperative but is leaking the competition.

The 2 succeeds perfectly in social situations: counselor, psychologist, aid-social, nurse, secretary, hostess, etc.
The 2 is also for gifted education, accounting, medical and paramedical professions.

The 2 is conscientious, serious, worker and is on good terms with his colleagues.

The 2 can hardly succeed as boss or head of the enterprise, because it has not enough of combativeness.
When it succeeds, it is more by its own qualities that in fighting against the other.

The 2 is leaking the credit and speculation risky. He knows save and invest his money with safety. So he will have little chance of winning a big fortune, not more than risking the lose.
It will rather its earnings increase regularly.

But the 2 must be wary of its good court which could lead to spend or lend money to false friends unscrupulous or to con artists.